High Arctic Haulers - Season 1

High Arctic Haulers - Season 1 Soap2day

Near the top of the world, there\'s a place so remote that only the toughest dare stay. To live in the Arctic you must be resilient, resourceful and willing to beat the odds. Once a year, the Arctic gambles on the Sealift - an armada of cargo ships packed with supplies the land doesn\'t provide. High Arctic Haulers is a factual series that tracks the perilous journey of the Sealift - the annual mission to resupply the North. Five crews on five cargo ships chase retreating ice during a brief window in the summer when winter\'s grip on the region loosens. Arctic ice recedes and waterways open to allow limited access to the world\'s most isolated communities. The Sealift is the lifeline of the North packed with thousands of tonnes of supplies to meet the growing demands of the North. From construction materials to new vehicles, modular housing to a year\'s supply of food - necessities residents have waited over a year for. But there is no place in the world more difficult to move cargo than the High Arctic. Complicated by weather, ice and a lack of infrastructure, each cargo ship in the fleet is self-sufficient - complete with tugs, barges, cranes and loaders to land and deliver on Canada\'s most remote shorelines. High Arctic Haulers is a grueling test of endurance as the armada battles brutal cold, pounding swells and punishing winds to deliver to over 50 Arctic communities. There is no turning back because, for the North to continue to grow, the haul must get through.
Released: 2020
Genre: TV Show
Duration: 45 min