Night Flight

Night Flight Soap2day

one of the strongest fighters in the school, and begins to hang out with Seong-jin\';;s gang. Yong-ju becomes concerned when he finds out that Seong-jin\';;s gang is mercilessly bullying fan. Ki-Taek is bullied by friends. Yong-Joo tries to help Ki-Taek, but Ki-Woong just watches from a distance. Meanwhile, Yong-Joo\';;s mother struggles to make a living and raising Yong-Joo alone. Ki-Woong\';;s father fights to get reinstated at work after being fired. School teachers emphasize to the students that their academic scores are more important than their friends. Yong-Joo feels so lonely. He reaches out his hand to Ki-Woong. 
Released: 2014
Duration: 141 min
Country: Korea